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Trails are themed event maps for you to explore throughout Bitcamp. Attend workshops to learn new things and be on the lookout for checkpoints for the chance to win some loot.

social impact

Venture Trail

Approach your hack from a entrepreneurship point of view. Powered by: UMD Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the UMD Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

  1. Startup Shell Tour

  2. Delivering the Killer Pitch

    • Saturday @ 3 PM
    • Learn tips and techniques for delivering the killer pitch from experienced entrepreneurs.
  3. Pitch Off

    • Saturday @ 8 PM
    • Pitch your idea to a panel of experts for the chance to win some prize packs. Winners will be chosen based on their delivery and originality of their idea.
    • Judges:
      • Adam VanWager - Adam is a community and Venture programs coordinator at the University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. He manages a weekly pitch program and teaches the lean startup methodology. In the past, Adam has worked as an Inbound Area Manager at and founded a startup,
      • Thomas Alford - Thomas is a data-driven entrepreneur who identifies channels, strategies, tracking, and optimizations with a focus on positive ROI. He has a background in digital startups, business development, marketing strategy, sports marketing, and social media.
    • We have time for about 15 pitches so please fill out this form to be considered. It requires a three sentence description of what your pitch will be about.

Survival Trail

From programming and design, to jenga blocks and water pong, this trail is built to test your resourcefulness across a wide range of subjects.

  1. Warmup

    • If you are new to programming, haven’t coded in a while, or just want to see what a coding challenge looks like. Will be open all event long.
  2. Challenge

    • For those who want to test out their programming prowess. The hacker on the top of the leaderboard gets a Prize Pack.
  3. Game

    • Code your way through a series of game challenges.
  4. Colorwar

    • Knockout Speed Design Challenge. Click here for more information.
  5. Build

    • Put your skills to the test using Jenga Blocks.
  6. Water Pong

    • You know the drill.
    • Sunday @ 1 AM

Scout Trail

This Trail is a guided intro to hacking for beginners. Hands-on workshops to guide you through the process of starting a project, using APIs, and deploying your idea. Taught by and friends.

  1. Getting Started

    • Friday @ 11pm
    • Introduction to HTML, CSS, and Sinatra
  2. API

    • Introduction to REST API's using
  3. Design

    • Making your hack look polished
  4. Deploy

    • Learn how to deploy using Github Pages, Heroku, and more!
  5. Prize

  6. Scout Prize

Social Impact Trail

This trail, sponsored by Project Delta, has everything to do with making an impact on the world over the weekend. Students get the chance to work directly with a variety of organizations, including non-profits and NGOs to produce usable and realistic hacks. For the duration of the event, hackers will receive access to one-on-one mentorship from professionals from our partner organizations and the Project Delta team.

  1. Kickoff Event:

    • Meet and greet your fellow social hackers at the Ice Cream Social! We’ll all head over together.
    • Project Delta will introduce the Trail. The partner organizations will talk about who they are and the problems they are currently facing.
    • Friday @ 10 PM
  2. Social Change Whiteboard Brainstorm Workshop:

    • We’ll bring the whiteboards, you bring the ideas.
    • Friday @ 11 PM
  3. First Checkpoint:

    • Students pitch ideas and prototypes to the partner organizations and recieve feedback in order to finetune their hacks.
    • Saturday @ 10 AM
  4. Fun Event:

    • This may be a Ping Pong tournament, or it may be a scavenger hunt. Whatever it is, it’ll be a fun event. You’ll find out on Saturday!
    • Saturday @ 4 PM
  5. Second Checkpoint:

    • Check back in to see your progress and start planning for the expo.
    • Saturday @ 10 PM