Sponsor FAQ

Bitcamp Theme:

There is no restrictive theme on hacks at Bitcamp. Our idea stems from Imagine Tomorrow, where Bitcampers are encouraged to explore the possibilities of technology. Sponsors can often influence hacks by giving tech talks in the beginning on their products and by sponsoring a branded prize.

Bitcamper Demographics:

We expect to have 1,200+ Bitcampers attend from around the country. Many have a computer science or electrical engineering background. There will also be a few high schoolers (18yr+) and masters students present. It’s going to be a great turnout.

Bitcamp Provisions:

We’re doing it true camping style. There will be s’mores, sleeping bags, fun side quests, stories around the bonfire (i.e., tech talks), a small speaking stage, and lots of open space in the wilderness.

Parking: Parking will be complimentary for all sponsors. In order to give you parking passes, we need to know the contact information and addresses for drivers that will need the passes. This information is due to us by April 9, 2015. We will mail drivers parking passes when we receive your contact information. We cannot guarantee parking passes for sponsors if information is given to us after April 9, 2015.

Company Provisions:

Sponsors will be camped in a ring around the main hacking space. Cole Field House, our designating camping/hacking grounds, is essentially a giant basketball stadium with a second level overlooking the main area. There are breakout rooms lining the first floor. Click here for a more detailed layout of Cole.

We will provide tables and chairs, but we encourage sponsors to bring tableskirts, banners, and anything else you may need. Prepare as though you are going to a more fun, interactive career fair. A career fair where they feed you s’mores.

Company swag: Companies are also encouraged to bring marketing materials and company swag in the form of t-shirts, stickers, bags, pens, sunglasses, water bottles, mints, cards, and other fun stuff. Bitcampers love swag!

Prizes: We find that students are most receptive to cash prizes or things they can’t usually get themselves. They also like company offers of one-on-one mentorship, business advice, and unique, in-kind offers—and it’s always fun to travel to company headquarters!

Company Representatives:

We do not limit the number of mentors you may bring. We love mentors and think they add value to Bitcamp through helping our Bitcampers succeed in their hacks. We would encourage you to bring at least one mentor. It is best if mentors are willing to work with teams throughout the hackathon. Please let us know ASAP how many mentors you are bringing and their areas of expertise that could help hackers.

Recruitment: If your sponsorship package includes recruitment privileges, then you may bring recruiters to the event. If your sponsorship package does not include recruitment, please do not bring recruiters.