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Need an experienced bug-squasher or a domain expert to lend a hand? Click the button below to access our mentorship request system. Click the button bellow to access a list of all of our mentors. The list includes area of expertise and contact information for each mentor.

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Yes, you can mentor as a hacker! Yes, you can mentor if you aren't hacking. Yes, you can mentor for any amount of time over the course of the weekend. Yes, people will really really appreciate your support.

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In the lobby of Cole Field House are tables for checking in. You can check in at any table and say you are a mentor. Organizers will get you hooked up with a yellow bandana, the identifying “badge” for mentors. Please wear this bandana visibly throughout the weekend so that you can be identified as a mentor by security, hackers, and organizers. (Sponsors checking in should mention if they have signed up for a mentor - they will wear two bandanas.)


Throughout the weekend you may be contacted by hackers via email or text. Even if you don’t get contacted feel free to roam around and ask what they’re working on. The majority of hacking will be taking place on the floor of the stadium.


If you are not part of a sponsoring company or a hacker, an additional area will be provided for mentors to hang out and store their belongings. It will be located by the tunnel. Feel free to drop by and store your stuff.


If you have any questions, you can ask any Bitcamp organizer (red bandanas) for more information.