April 10-12, 2015
College Park, MD


See the Hacks


Bitcamp is a place for exploration. You will have 36 hours to delve into your curiosities, learn something new, and make something awesome. With world-class mentors and hundreds of fellow campers, you’re in for an amazing time. If you’re ready for an adventure, see you by the fire!



Start End Event Location
4:00PM 6:00PM Sponsor Mentor Checkin Entrance
6:00PM Registration Opens Entrance
6:30PM 8:30PM Dinner Arena
8:00PM 9:30PM Sponsorship Fair Arena
9:30PM 10:00PM Opening Ceremony Stage
10:00PM Hacking Begins Arena
10:00PM 11:00PM Ice Cream Social Tunnel
10:00PM 11:30PM Tata Tech Talk Campfire
10:15PM 11:00PM Imagine Tomorrow: Finance Stands
10:15PM 11:00PM Imagine Tomorrow: Design Stands
10:15PM 11:00PM Imagine Tomorrow: Hardware Stands
10:15PM 11:00PM Imagine Tomorrow: Virtual Reality Stands
11:00PM 12:00PM Social Change Whiteboard Brainstorm Workshop
11:00PM 11:15PM Campfire Story: Parrelization in StegDetect Campfire
11:00PM 12:00AM Scout Trail Kickoff Room 0102
11:15PM 11:30PM Campfire Story: Watson Cooks Campfire
11:30PM 11:45PM Campfire Story: Computer Science Is Not Just For Work Campfire


Start End Event Location
12:00AM 3:00AM S'mores Patio
8:30AM 10:00AM Breakfast Arena
10:00AM 10:15AM Campfire Story: Engineering, Product Management or Developer Advocacy? Yes, please. Campfire
11:00AM 11:15AM Campfire Story: Casinos vs C0d3rs - How to Bring Down the House with the Help of Simulation Campfire
11:15AM 12:00PM Scout Trail: Hacking with APIs (umd.io) Campfire
12:30PM 2:00PM Lunch Arena
2:00PM 4:00PM Startup Shell Tour Tunnel
2:00PM 2:15AM Campfire Story: Not All Fun and Games - Supporting a Triple-A Video Game Launch Campfire
3:00PM 3:30PM Delivering the Killer Pitch Campfire
3:30MP 4:00PM Capital One Talk (Becoming a Gopher) Campfire
4:00PM 6:00PM Colorwar Campfire
6:00PM 8:00PM Dinner Arena
6:30PM 6:45PM Campfire Story: Learning and innovation as new hires Campfire
7:30PM 7:45PM Campfire Story: So Happy Together Campfire
8:00PM 9:00PM Killer Pitch Competition Campfire
9:00PM 12:00AM S'mores Patio
9:00PM 9:15PM Campfire Story: Parrelization in StegDetect Campfire
9:15PM 11:15PM Super Smash Bros Tournament Campfire
11:15PM 12:15AM Scout Trail: Deploying Your Hack Campfire


Start End Event Location
12:30AM 1:00AM Midnight Snack Arena
1:00AM 1:15AM Campfire Story: Computer Science Is Not Just For Work Campfire
3:00AM 4:00AM Water Pong Tournament
9:00AM 11:00AM Breakfast Arena
10:00AM Hacking Ends/Submissions Due Arena
11:00AM Expo Begins Arena
12:30PM Lunch Arena
1:30PM Closing Ceremony Arena
2:30PM End Arena
3:00PM Last Bus Leaves Outside


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